Welcome to DGNN: Benjamin Mukumbya

5 things to know about Benjamin Mukumbya- DGNN’s newest team member:

Benjamin recently joined DGNN as a research fellow. Benjamin joined DGNN from Northwest University, where he completed his undergraduate studies in Biology pre-medicine.

Here are Fun things you need to know about Benjamin:

  1. I am passionate about global access to safe surgery. Growing up in Uganda, the odds of people surviving surgeries done in Uganda was very rare. If they survived the surgery, they wouldn’t survive the complications. As kids, we used to hear older people grieve. This grief, in many ways, made me want to see change. 
  2. I am passionate about improving the quality of care people from underserved places get. The very reason I chose healthcare stems from the pain and suffering I saw my very family members go through. Growing up in the slums of Katwe, I realized if I became a doctor, I would perhaps contribute to the quality of care for these people. 
  3. I also enjoy stressful situations. Being a chess player, I always love the personal responsibility that comes with every decisive decision that I make. As I talked and had encounters with surgeons and literature written by surgeons, I quickly realized how much I would love to be part of these environments full of personal responsibility.
  4. I love working with teams. Personal success is worth enjoying, but it’s not as fulfilling as team success. I love the attributes of working with a team, starting with the fellow teammates plus the patients to whom we deliver care. DGNN most certainly provides the team aspect that I look forward to enjoying. 
  5. I love excellence in everything I do. DGNN will allow me to improve as I prepare to be a surgeon who cares about the holistic wellbeing of the patients. As a chess player, I know how one mistake can overturn the results of the entire game. It is the same principle when it comes to working with patients.
  6. I love the anatomy and physiology of the brain and the spine. These two aspects always marvel me. To think that they house our personality and are responsible for the habits we form. It always puzzles my mind and provides so many questions in addition to all the excitement.

DGNN is proud to have Benjamin Mukumbya on the team, and we look forward to the wonderful work we will do together.

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