What we have accomplished

operating-roomBuilding infrastructure at Mulago Hospital:

    1. Operating rooms, 4
    2. Recovery room beds, 6
    3. Intensive care unit beds, 6
    4. $6,250,000 in used and new equipment

Placement of Duke Global Health PLUS (Placement of Life-Changing Usable Surplus) Equipment:

Equipment and supplies donated through Duke University’s surplus program have been shipped to Uganda to replace and upgrade outdated and missing pieces at Mulago Hospital. Staff is trained on how to use and care for the donated pieces. Donated equipment includes vital sign monitors, microscopes, anesthesia machines and ventilators.

Development of dedicated Neurosurgical Operating Theater

Uganda East African Neurosurgery Training Program:

Co-Directors Dr. Michael Muhumuza and Professor Michael Haglund put together Duke Neurosurgery curriculum and East African NSTP curriculum and the first two residents began in August of 2009. Since then two residents have been added every other year. The program is five years long and the Ugandan residents spend one month at Duke as part of their residency. The graduates of this program are then required to work practice in Uganda post-graduation. The program graduated its first Neurosurgeon in December of 2014.

Bioengineer training:

Provide training to a biomed engineer to maintain and repair surgical and ICU equipment.

What we have proven:

Through a twinning program combining delivery of surplus equipment and training camps, capacity building was accomplished and maintained. The program not only built overall surgical capacity, it improved the efficiency and increased the complexity of operative cases performed at the National Hospital in Uganda. Mulago is now completing two to three times as many neurosurgery cases..