African Neurosurgical Workforce Study

Uganda has around 5 neurosurgeons for its populace of 36 million people, which equates to about 1 neurosurgeon per 7 million people. The partnership that Duke has established in Uganda is working to change that through the creation of a neurosurgery residency program sponsored through COSECSA. Recently the first group of the residency program has graduated, bringing the number of neurosurgeons in Uganda up to 7. Uganda’s lack of neurosurgeons isn’t unique, but the most recent study on the neurosurgery workforce in Africa was done over a decade ago. We are currently working towards understanding the current neurosurgery workforce throughout Africa to help identify countries that lack neurosurgeons. Identifying this gap will help Duke to bring the model used in Uganda to other countries either directly or indirectly through other academic institutions.

PI: Michael Haglund, MD, PhD