Surgeons OverSeas Assessment of Surgical Needs (SOSAS) Uganda

SOSASproject-resizedSOSAS Uganda is a nationwide household survey to assess current level of need for minor and major surgical procedures. Previous deployments of this validated survey include Sierra Leone, Rwanda, and Nepal. SOSAS Uganda survey was carried out in pilot phase (June 2014) and nationwide survey (August – September 2014) enumerating 4,248 individuals in 2,315 households across 75 Districts. The survey was carried out in collaboration with Makerere University College of Health Sciences, University of Minnesota Department of Surgery and the Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020 Uganda program.

PI: Michael Haglund, MD, PhD

Surgeons OverSeas Assessment of Surgical Need (SOSAS) Uganda: update for household survey.

Burden of Surgical Conditions in Uganda: Pilot Study of a Population-Based Survey in Wakiso District, Uganda.

Distribution and characteristics of severe traumatic brain injury at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Uganda.