Validating Road Traffic Hotspot Surveys

Motorcycles users and other vulnerable road users are at a huge risk of road traffic injury. Given limited infrastructure in most low and middle income countries, road upkeep and road planning with a mindfulness towards safety is non-existent. As such, the World Health Organization suggests road safety audits to improve roads to control speed, physically separate road users and improve visibility and lighting. In many low and middle income settings, there are no complete and quality data sources in order to perform these audits. As such, this project  attempted to identify the better data source for road traffic hotspot analysis; Police data or high road utilizer surveys. This project is a multinational project occurring in Rwanda, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. Surveys of moto taxi drivers in Rwanda and Tanzania and from tuk-tuk driver’s in Sri Lanka is compared to police data from this different settings.

PI: Catherine Staton, MD MScGH

High Road Utilizers Surveys Compared to Police Data for Road Traffic Crash Hotspot Localization in Rwanda and Sri Lanka.