What’s Next?

mbarara-sterilizing suppliesIn collaboration with Duke University, the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) leadership has initiated the process of building a neuroscience institute and envisions collaboration with Duke would lead to similar results experienced at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda: amplification of neurosurgical volume, eventual initiation of structured training programs, and transfer of major medical equipment from Duke for appropriate use.

MUST house staff and surgeons from all over the Western Ugandan region (approx. 8 million people) will visit during our November 2015 camp to learn more advanced neurosurgical procedures.

After reviewing the project at Mulago, we discovered that were successful in performing more complex cases and skills transfer to the neurosurgeons and the Neurosurgery Training program, but we did not see a significant decline in mortality. This appears to be due to the postoperative care available to the patients. Our next steps will be to establish a twinning program with Mbarara Hospital to bring Nurse Educators currently employed by Duke University Health System to Mbarara, Uganda for training in postoperative care in the recovery room, ICU and on the floor. We will also evaluate physical therapy and rehab possibilities with patient training.