Pre-Hospital Projects:

  • Bass Epilepsy Outreach
  • Neuro Care Continuum Evaluation of Ugandan Public Health System
  • Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study of Epilepsy Prevalence in Uganda
  • Economic Burden of Neurosurgery in Uganda

In-Hospital Projects:

Mulago National Referral Hospital:

  • Neurosurgery Infection Control Team
  • Bass Infection Team
  • Bass Medication Management
  • Bass Patient Caretaker Education
  • Economic Burden of Patients Seeking Neurosurgical Care at MNRH

Both Locations:

  • Risk Calculator Impact on TBI Outcomes in Uganda
  • Neurosurgical Registry at MNRH and MRRH
  • Comparison of Neurosurgical Outcomes at MNRH and MRRH
  • Characterization of Epilepsy Treatment Management and Patient Outcomes in Ugandan Hospitals
  • Ethics in Neurosurgery
  • Predicting Traumatic Intracranial Bleeds with Machine Learning

Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital:

  • Using Near-Infrared Light to Diagnose and Triage TBI

Post-Hospital Projects:

  • Follow-up of Neurosurgical Patients in Uganda

Other Projects:

  • New Prognostic Models for TBI
  • Non-Invasive Surrogate Tests of Intracranial Pressure Monitoring: Pupillometry and Optic Nerve Sheath Measurement
  • Perception of Clinicians on a Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Device in Managing TBI in Uganda

Completed Projects:

  • Assessment of Accuracy, Precision, and Reliability of a Handheld Near-Infrared Device in Detecting Subdural and Epidural Hematomas at Duke University Hospital: a Pilot Study
  • TBI vs Helmet Use and Legislation
  • Influence of Patient Caretaker Health Literacy on Delays in Care for TBI
  • Mixed Method Barriers to Surgical Care
  • Identifying Delays in Care for TBI Patients at MNRH







  • Mulago National Referral Hospital
    A public hospital founded by the Uganda Ministry of Health and located in the Capital city of Kampala.
  • Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital
    A public hospital founded by the Uganda Ministry of Health and located in Western Uganda.