Meet Our DGNN Team Members: Nancy Abu-Bonsrah

3 Things to Know About:  Nancy Abu-Bonsrah

Nancy is joining DGNN from Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she is a neurosurgery resident. She is currently pursuing an MPH at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with a focus on global health and health systems/policy. 

Here are a few things to know about Nancy:

  1. Nancy originally from Ghana and is enthusiastic about helping mitigate barriers to accessing neurosurgical care in low resource settings.
  2. Nancy enjoys reading fictional and non-fictional works. She recently discovered the Libby app and is having a great time with it!
  3. Nancy has a COVID baby daughter and she enjoys spending time with her and her husband, who is a radiology resident.

DGNN is proud to have Nancy Abu-Bonsrah on the team and we look forward to wonderful work we will do together.

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